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The Wall: Reframing Illegal Immigration

Multiple news sources are reporting that today, US President Donald Trump, will begin discussing and preparing for the wall between the US and its border with Mexico.  There are some personal experiences that I would like to share with you that many, if not most Americans are unfamiliar with.  It is important, with the wall being such a hot-button political item, that some truths be told.

I am bilingual, I speak both English and Spanish.  I am not Hispanic, but I know the culture well.  For many years I lived in a highly Mexican populated area and worked directly with both legal and illegal immigrants.  What most don’t know is that there is a seedy underworld where “papeles” (papers) are sold and shared between friends and relatives and even those who work at Immigration and Naturalization Services who are sympathetic to the cause will sell legitimate papers for a high price.

Here is the major take-away here, these people, while having legal papers, when the complete their W-2s when first hired by an employer, will claim a high number of dependents so that their paychecks will have less taken out in taxes.  They all did it, and because they never filed their income tax in April like the rest of us, they were never held accountable for proving those invented dependents.  I remember one in particular who joked about claiming six dependents and he wasn’t married and had no children.  Yes, he paid into Social Security but compared to what he cheated the US government out of, the hit he took from Social Security  was a small price to pay.

So, when someone tells you that illegals pay taxes, they do but not their full share.

Many work on a valid Social Security number and pass the card around to others once they are done with it.  Sadly, what many illegals do is come here for an extended period of time to earn enough money to build a house in Mexico, save up for getting married, etc. Some may come for 5 years, 10 years or even 20.  But, the goal is to eventually return to Mexico to live out the rest of their days.  They send much of the money they earn back to family and friends in Mexico who oversee the construction of their homes or simply put the money away in a bank account for them to have access to when they come home.  They also send money home to support family there.  Yet, there in lies one of the many problems, according to this article (2013) from the UK Mail, immigrants send, “a staggering $120 billion back to their families.”  That is money earned here yet is being injected into other economies instead of our own, Mexico included.

This is huge business for companies like Western Union.  This 2016 Business wire article, outlines:

In 2015, remittances to Mexico totaled USD$24.8 billion, according to Banco de Mexico, growing 4.75 percent over 2014. While U.S. senders account for more than 90 percent of the money moved into Mexico, Western Union transferred money to Mexico from more than 180 countries last year.

That is $24 billion dollars sent to Mexico that was earned here yet is instead infused into the Mexican economy.  Even former Mexican president Vicente Fox has been on a Twitter rampage against Trump, he too knows the trouble that Mexico could be in if this wall is built and the flow of US dollars into Mexico is minimized.

One of the reasons the amnesty attempts made over the past 30 years have been unsuccessful is because many prefer to stay in the shadows because it is financially expeditious.  If they were given legal status, as a resident alien, then they would be issued an valid Social Security number and would then have to file taxes and show proof of any dependents they claimed on their W-2s.   Those on the left love the phrase, “Path to citizenship,” but the reality is, most illegals only want the benefits of living in this country, not the responsibilities of it.  Investigative reporter Dennis Michael Lynch has done several exposes where he looked into the realities of those who patrol the US/Mexico border and those who crossed it to find a way to a better life that couldn’t be found among the corruption of the Mexican government.  But what he found was that far too many were here for nefarious reasons and most that he interviewed had no desire to stay here in the US and become citizens, they only wanted the reap the benefits of living in the US.  Yet, those who had criminal records seemed to find the US as a haven as well.

In the next segment, we will look at more of what illegals take from the US and the cost is astronomical.

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Has Twitter Crossed the Liberal Line? : Deverification Destroys First Ammendment


Until a few days ago, I had no idea who Milo Yiannopoulos was.  As someone who supports gay rights and is a conservative, I should probably apologize to Milo for not know who he was … so, sorry, Bud!  But I know who you are now and you now have a new fan/follower.

Milo, a Brit by birth, is the often sharped-tonged Tech Editor for conservative news site and has taken on some  savory topics as of late – which way well have had a hand in his recent trip to Twitter Jail.

In a nutshell, taking a page from the IRS who attempted to take away access to conservative groups requesting non-profit status, Twitter has decided that the best way to silence conservatives on their site is to use mild character assassination.  Milo is still unclear, some 48 hours later, as to why he lost his powerful verification check mark on his profile. Milo has yet to be told specifically what landed him in Twitter Jail even after repeated attempts for clarification.

The check mark’s purpose is to merely confirm the identity of the account.  So, Twitter choosing to use deverification as a punishment for an unspecified terms violation is somewhat suspect because suspending someone’s account is the norm for them. The beauty in all of this is that it has backfired on them and this may well only be the beginning.

Yet, this is a questionable narrative for Twitter to take against a B-List conservative with some 140,000 followers.  While liberals staunchly sit on their platform of equality, freedom of speech, acceptance and tolerance – clearly these are tenets that only fellow liberals are allowed access to in the Twitterverse.  Conservatives need not apply.

By taking control of the playing field as it were and limiting who is allowed to wield their tenets, it shows a calculated flaw in their narrative by syncing the message to the spin of their world view they limit what the general public has access too and indirectly allows ill-informed conclusions to be made.  The liberal MSM here in the US and Europe has enjoyed control for the past few decades yet their recent blatant bias against conservatives has more than enough people taking a pause – which is very good.

Moreover, what this tells those intuitive enough to grasp the overarching story line is that liberals, here specifically Twitter, can’t make a legitimate argument against the conservative narrative so they just simply cut it off at the knees.  The classic case of taking their ball home because they don’t like the score.  It shows a weakness, an inability to argue their case, an inability to have a clear understanding of their point of view but feebly defend it because they don’t want to be proven wrong.

It is also important to note that an unverified Twitter account under the name Michael Margolis , (@Yipe) who claims to be an Engineering Manager at Twitter, was most likely the individual who reported Milo to Twitter’s Terms of Service. His Twitter tagline reads, “Engineering Manager at . RTs are official endorsements. Tweets definitely express the opinions of my employer.”  Margolis has, interestingly enough, delete all of the tweets related to this incident that supposedly happened on Friday 1/8/2016 and is believed to have been in response to a tweet that Milo sent out to a fellow (female) conservative where he writes, “You deserve to be harassed.”

The fact that the recipient of Milo’s joke was female, the feminists have blindly come out in droves in support of Twitter’s retaliatory response to free speech.  (Please tell me I am not the only one seeing the sarcastic irony here).  Which leads me to my favorite tweet of the day where Twitter user Terri Hoy schools Huffington Post’s Jessica Thompson for her pseudo-feminism.

Milo has not taken this deverification sitting down and he has rightfully taken his argument to anyone who will listen.  He has changed his Twitter account from @Yiannopoulos to @Nero and taken to the hashtag #JeSuisMilo, a spin-off of the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag which took hold in January of 2015 to show the importance of freedom of the press after a French paper was terrorized and 14 employees were killed in a terrorist attack at their Paris offices.

There is also another conversation taking place between Milo and the folks at @Recode in response to their take on Milo’s verification loss – which again can be equated to the punishment not fitting the crime because verification only confirms identity and nothing more.  It is interesting that Recode’s article refers to Milo’s employer as “a tabloid.”  But we’re not supposed to read anything into that, are we?

Milo told @Recode:

“If Twitter has decided to make partisan political editorial decisions, that’s their prerogative. But they must be honest with the public about it. Otherwise they risk damaging their key users’ reputations with ‘unverifications’ and suspensions that give the false impression of harassment, abuse or some other kind of bad behaviour, of which of course I am not guilty.”

Sadly, the left doesn’t play that way, they would never come out and admit that they were playing partisan politics because their modus operandi has always been to hide in the vagueness of reality with ambiguity as their ally while they continually ask for forgiveness instead of permission.


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Are They All Truly Refugees?


Where are their wives, children and the elderly?
Where are their wives, children and the elderly?

It has been difficult the past few days, since the Paris attack, to watch social media and read how some feel that there is no real threat, that these people are true refugees yearning to breathe free.  Someone actually posted on Facebook that they felt they had to re-evaluate their view of me because they held me in such high regard … until they found out my stance on the Syrian refugees.

What people seem to be missing is that we are not getting the full story.  Over the last 40 years or so the media has discovered that their job is no longer to report the news in an unbiased fashion, it is now to use their position and the public’s trust to influence their opinions, thoughts and perspectives.  Even in some of the most liberal nations of Europe where the citizenry is being literally overrun by refugees, they are crying out for help that is far too late to ask for.  Mothers are seeing their daughters raped by refugees who devalue women as property.  Women, gays and other protected groups are being beaten in public because of the way they dress, walk or talk or because they may have glanced a bit too long at these outsiders that politicians happily welcomed but didn’t have to live with.

Today I watched an interview on Morning Joe on MSNBC where they interviewed NY-R Congressman Peter King about the concern over the refugees.  At one point King and co-host Mika Brezinzki got into a back and forth over whether or not these refugees were being vetted properly.  King insisted that based on what he has been told by people at the highest levels of government at Homeland Security and the FBI, there is no way to definitively vet these refugees because there are no databases or even collective agencies in their native country that can verify that they are who they say you are.

Naive Mika insisted that they were being vetted, they were being interviewed, they were getting medical histories and medical exams, etc.  Well, as I pointed out to Mika in a tweet, that’s not vetting – that is processing.  No one has any way of confirming that what US officials have been told about these individuals is true.  We have to take everything either at face value or with a grain of salt.

Far too many are trying, and unsuccessfully I might add, to equate these modern-day refugees with those who came on the Mayflower, those who were war refugees in the 60’s and even some from World War II.  While these individuals from history were clearly fleeing some type of persecution of evil.  We cannot be so sure about this conclusion with this group of “refugees.”  Why?  Well, there are several reasons, the most recent being the Boston Marathon Bombing which was carried out by two radicalized Muslims who were here as refugees and getting a significant amount of tax payer dollars to live while plotting their attack.

Going further still, many radical groups have come right out and told us, in no uncertain terms, what their plan is and how the will carry it out.  Our weak borders and illegal immigration issues are going to be what threatens us most as all of this becomes a definitive perfect storm.  Yet the elites of Washington and the governors of states who welcome these refugees will not be the one who suffer from the violence that awaits us.  And awaiting us it is.  The sleeper cells are here, they are waiting for the go-ahead and it will be everyday Americans like you and me who will suffer the chaos, the death and the tears.

They will be in our neighborhoods, in our schools with our children; not near the politicians who allowed them to come here.  It is elitism in its purest form.

I would ask you to watch this, and decide if you want this in your neighborhood.  Around your children, your elderly parents.  HERE

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The Patrick Kane Story: What We’re Missing

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane

Hockey fans, particularly those from Chicago, have been intently watching the Patrick Kane saga unfold over the past few months. Those critical of Kane’s bad-boy image in the past were sure that this was another case of the cocky Kane thinking he was above the law. His critics were sure he was guilty, his fan base refused to believe it. He has remained relatively quiet throughout the process, letting his legal team handle things and attempting to keep himself under the radar. He has let his on-ice persona do the talking for him.

Things heated up around September 19th of this year when the Buffalo News leaked that the rape kit showed DNA from two individuals, neither of them Patrick Kane. A short time later, things took an ominous turn when the attorney of the alleged victim came forward with an evidence bag, claiming that it was left by someone anonymously on the doorstep of the alleged victim’s mother. Two days later we then learned that this was a ruse that the mom in question employed to most likely take away from the DNA news which crushed her daughter’s allegations. The District Attorney gave a very forceful news conference where he clearly explained the origins of the bag and confirmed that the rape kit was still under lock and key. This lead to the alleged victim’s attorney removing himself from the case for ethical reasons. He was lied to by his clients and no longer wanted any part of this scandal that was spinning out of control.

While recent news of the alleged victim signing an affidavit that she no longer is willing to cooperate with the investigation has many Kane supporters breathing a sigh of relief, there are still some things that need to be said. Social media has blow up during this scandal with many attacking Kane for his lack of insight or outright stupidity for inviting girls he just met back to his place at 3 am. Die-hard Blackhawks fans have lashed out at Kane for being so naïve to think that he could live a normal life like everyone else. He is the face of a franchise, he is an elite player, he should have known better and he is now bringing the franchise down with him, ad nauseum.

Yet, I think we’re missing a more important piece of the story … the false accusation of rape. Most might not have caught it but the DA slipped during his news conference and actually said the accuser’s name, I think it was Lexy so that is the name I am going to use here. Few are discussing what Lexy has done and how this adds another layer to the problem of rape in our culture. Far too often women are making false rape allegations for their own personal reasons and refusing to recognize the impact this has on the rest of the female population.

Those with legitimate allegations of rape are now going to have to deal with more scrutiny because of Lexy’s selfish actions. Did she want money? Did she think it would garner attention for her? Did she think it would make some other guy feel sorry for her and give her some attention? Did her mom put her up to it? We could go on and on with the questions of why but the bottom line is, Lexy did more damage to women in general than she did to Patrick Kane. She has now turned the tables making Kane the victim.

What about all those men who are falsely accused of rape who don’t have the financial means to get high-priced attorneys? Their cases don’t get played out in the press and if they ever are exonerated, people only remember the accusations, not the fact that these individuals were later found innocent. The damage has been done already, lives, family and futures are destroyed. Why? Because some chick wanted revenge, money, attention?

What does this all mean? Whether we like it or not, this entire incident is going to make things that much harder for the next woman who legitimately has the right to cry rape. Thanks, Lexy.

Update: Shortly after posting this article the Chicago Tribune reported that Erie County, NY District Attorney’s Office will not be filing charges against Patrick Kane. 

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Tony Stewart: Ward Family Denies Validity, Accuracy and Admissibility of Toxicology

ADDS MANDATORY CREDIT- This June 28, 2014 photo provided by Empire Super Sprints, Inc., shows sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr., at the Merrittville Speedway in Thorold, Canada. Ward was killed Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014 at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Central Square, N.Y., when the car being driven by Tony Stewart struck the 20-year-old who had climbed from his crashed car and was on the darkened dirt track trying to confront Stewart following a bump with Stewart one lap earlier. (AP Photo/Empire Super Sprints, Inc.)
 (AP Photo/Empire Super Sprints, Inc.)

NBC Sports reported late Friday night that the Family of Kevin Ward, Jr. are now contesting the toxicology results that were part of their son’s autopsy in August of 2014.   While a court date has not been set for the pending civil case between the Ward Family and NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart, there are still lots of questions swirling around this civil suit resulting from the untimely death of Ward. Jr on August 9, 2014 at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.

We have actively discussed in detail the questions that have arisen from the potential criminal lawsuit in a previous post and in another we looked at what the specific track rules were in place at the time of the incident. This all calls into question whether or not the family can even file a suit because of the waivers signed by all drivers prior to the race.

In their civil suit the Ward Family made no reference to the 2014 toxicology report that stated Ward had ingested marijuana within five hours of his death; enough to be determined “judgement impaired.”  Many feel that, along with the video of the incident, the toxicology results were the key points used by the Ontario County grand jury that decided not to file criminal charges against Stewart.

The NBC article states:

In the filing, Kevin and Pamela Ward, “admit that a toxicology report exists that allegedly found Kevin A. Ward, Jr. to have smoked marijuana within at least five hours of participating in the August 9, 2014 race. However, Plaintiffs deny the validity, accuracy, and admissibility of said report.”

So, this again opens us to some more things to consider.  When the Ward’s were first made aware of the toxicology reports they denied their validity stating publicly that they did not believe their son was impaired.   They said it immediately after the results were made public in September of 2014 and again when the civil suit was filed last month.  

If they are denying the validity, accuracy and admissibility of the report why haven’t they vehemently fought this, asked for retesting, samples sent to an alternative lab for a second opinion, etc.  For over a year they did nothing to disprove the findings.  

Would it have made their civil case stronger if, in the past year, they made attempts to disprove the toxicology?  Not just for the civil suit but to clear their son’s name? Some may say that they might not have been able to afford it.  A GoFundMe account or something of that nature could have easily been established.  Even after the news of the marijuana use became public, there were still plenty of people, even in their local area, that were still supporting the stance of the Ward Family that Tony Stewart was responsible for their son’s death. 

Another topic that is worth discussing briefly is the side comments made by a few members of the Ward Family asking why Tony Stewart wasn’t tested for drugs immediately after the incident. I believe it was Mrs. Ward who made the comment in their first official interview with CBS last month as well as Kevin’s Aunt Wendy back in 2014 asking why they would drug test Kevin but not Tony Stewart.

Quoting from the Ontario County District Attorney’s Press Conference on September 24, 2014:, when a reporter asked if toxicology reports were presented to the grand jury the response was: 

There is toxicology evidence in the case relating to Kevin Ward that actually indicated at the time of operation, he was under the influence of marijuana. There was no toxicology performed on Tony Stewart, however a certified drug recognition expert had interviewed him on the night of the collision and determined that he found no basis to observe any alcohol consumption or impairment by drugs.

When asked,  “Why no toxicology report on Tony Stewart?”  DA Michael Tantillo answered,

In New York State, law enforcement cannot compel any person to provide any blood samples, urine samples of that nature unless they’ve been arrested for a crime. Obviously, Tony Stewart wasn’t arrested, therefore there is no legal basis for law enforcement to attempt to acquire that.

When asked further about Stewart’s and the possibility that he was under the influence of some sort of substance, the DA educated the press on exactly who one of the  participants was in Tony Stewart’s interview that evening. 

The drug recognition expert did meet and speak with him, and a certified expert requires a certain level of training. He determined there was no basis to draw the conclusion of alcohol or drug involvement.

Going further, to answer the Ward’s question,  It appears that whenever someone dies in an accident or unexpectedly, moreover when there is the possibility of criminal charges,  toxicology testing is standard in all autopsies.  While the Ward Family might not like it, this general article from WebMd supports the processes that Ontario County followed in this case.   

Looking at the validity and accuracy of the test results, unless they have some damning evidence that they have not made public, they would need some legal basis for questioning the toxicology results.  From previous articles, it was clear that the coroner tested the toxicology results three times I believe, before he contacted the DA’s office with his findings.   

If the Ward Family is hoping to insinuate that because Ontario County is small, rural, etc. that the Coroner’s Office does not have the experience or expertise to review cases like this one, it is worth noting some statistics.  According to the New York State Health Department website,  there are approximately 29 unintentional injury-related deaths per 100,000 people  in Ontario County annually.  As of 2013, the population of the county is just over 109, 000.   This seems like more than enough experience to handle this case.  

Going further, the coroner who did the Ward autopsy, Kevin Henderson has been in office since 2010, is on the Board of Directors of the New York State Association of County Coroners and Medical Examiners, also works as a funeral director in the area and is a retired County Sheriff Deputy with 24 years on the job.    Additionally, he is  a member of Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team Region 2 as a mortuary officer. 

It will be interesting to see how the Ward Family and their legal team plan to disprove not only the test results but the admissibility of the results.   It is well known that the burden of proof is significantly lower in a civil vs. criminal suit yet, even with that on their side, the Ward Family has a long road ahead. 

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Social Media: Have we gone too far?

Social media on Smartphone

While I realize as a writer and I may have a different outlook on social media than others due to the simple fact that it the primary gateway for me to keep a pulse on the thoughts of potential readers; it occurred to me today that sometimes it is all too much.  Personally, professionally and even socially.

Today I found myself working between social media access instead of the other way around.  Before 9 a.m. today I had Facebooked, tweeted, emailed, texted, iTuned, iPaded and even went old-school and used my laptop.  When I go out of the house I am now finding myself juggling my purse, phone and some other kind of electronics.  Next week we are taking an last minute road-trip before summer ends and as we pack we are not just packing electronics but downloading movies, TV shows and games on our devices to past the time in the car.  Whatever happened to fighting with your siblings in the backseat?

Just a few days ago a group of people I am close with made a secret group on Facebook so we can share photos, etc. in a safe space because of other peoples’ issues.  That is where, while I was glad to have the capabilities to make that secret group, the fact that we have that option and have to use it really made me take a step back and wonder how we got here.

Then this morning, a comical exchange on social media occurred when a small group of virtual friends got into a discussion over the fact that just about all of us had been either unfollowed or blocked by a certain someone.  Why?  Because he didn’t like something we had each said to him at different times over the past few months?  We all live in different states or providences, have never met in person and while our comments to each other are normally oozing with sarcasm and smurkiness – Someone felt compelled to  flip the twitch on us because he disagreed with us on something most likely mundane and inconsequential.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR cutting people out of your life if they have repeatedly hurt you, used you, taken advantage of you; in fact I highly recommend it.  Family, long-time friends, neighbors, etc. if that individual doesn’t appreciate you or add anything at all positive to your life, then hell yeah, let them go.

I just saw that Sean King, one of the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement blocked  conservative pundit/columnist Michelle Malkin from his Twitter account.  All that shows to me is that King is a child and can’t defend his argument so he cuts off one of his detractors because he can’t respond to her line of questioning.  It is that simple.  If you are a person with a strong conviction about something, you should be able to defend it against your more ardent detractors.  If you can’t do that, then you need to find a way to do it or else your cause is a lost one.

The Other Side of the Coin

I know people who are on Facebook that never post, never comment, never engage in anything.  So, why are they there?  To see what everyone else is doing and keep up on gossip.  I have a relative that has literally posted one thing in the past year but when we get together all she talks about is seeing this and that on Facebook about everyone under the sun. So you know that she is on there for the wrong reason.

Now, these people deserve to be deleted, unfriended, blocked and anything else you can do to them.


Social media has taken on a life of its own.  While for many it is just a fun way to share your day with family and friends who may live far away or those you don’t get to see very often.  But the marketing world has moved us all to a new level where they now use social media as their primary source of contact with potential clients and customers.  It seems like social media has become saturated with subliminal advertising and it is becoming harder and harder to even find your posts among the ever-growing litany of ads.

So, before you hit that unfriend or block button, really think about it and how it makes you look.  Are you being reasonable or, are you that kid in the sandbox when you were six who marched off because someone took his favorite shovel?

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Tony Stewart: Where there is Smoke, There’s Fire … and Kevin Ward, Sr.

Anthony Wayne Stewart
Anthony Wayne Stewart

In the past year, I made every effort *not* to publicly comment on the events that took place on August 9, 2014 at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Western New York State.  Having grown up in an area steep in racing tradition and having spent more than my share of Saturday nights sitting in Turn 1 of our local track breathing in the fumes and listening to the roar of the engines echo off the landscape, I have always loved racing.  Today, I have friends who race at the same track we spent our teen years at, even family who race there as well.  I have watched some horrific wrecks and was even witness to a driver dying as his car hit Turn 1.

In the beginning, I could understand the anger in the comments made by Kevin Ward, Sr.  He and his family were hurting, seeing the hopes and dreams of someone they loved so deeply cut short in an instant.   Even after the criminal investigation was over and the grand jury decided not to charge Tony Stewart, fans could still understand their emotions. Yet the grand jury decision was due in no small part to the two major facts that Kevin Ward, Sr. seems to conveniently or selectively ignore:

  1. Kevin Ward, Jr. got out of his car
  2. Kevin Ward, Jr. was under the influence of marijuana

We have all watched the video and there are just some pieces of the puzzle that make us ask, “What in the hell is Kevin Ward, Sr. thinking?”  I can certainly relate to his pain; my family has suffered the loss of a few young and vibrant loved ones who died in accidents where they took chances, risks that were directly related to their deaths.  It is worth noting that each were doing something that they loved, just like Kevin Ward. Jr.

Here are some rhetoricals that I can’t seem to work through …

Would Kevin Ward, Jr. have gotten out of his car and gone after the 14 Car if it hadn’t been Tony Stewart behind the wheel?

Here is where it gets down to the heart of the matter.  Did Ward, Jr. have a history of getting out of his car when it wrecked, in direct violation of track rules and regulations? Had he done this before?  Was this standard operating procedure for him? According to reports, he had been involved in racing since his age was in single digits so it would go without saying that at some point it would have (or should have) been pounded into his head that you do not get out of the car until the safety crew arrives.

We’ve been told that Ward, Jr. was a charismatic individual, it’s quite possible that he felt he had something to prove with Stewart on the track with him that night.  Going after Stewart would have been something to talk about after the fact over a few beers in the pits.  Probably a pat on the back from his dad as well.

Did Kevin Ward, Jr. get his hotheadedness from his father?

Ward, Sr. and other family members have not shied away from the press or social media in the past year. They have been almost belligerent to the facts that came out of the official investigation.They clearly want to place blame anywhere but on Ward, Jr.  Even after the video, when slowed down and analysed, shows Ward Jr. making his way down the apron waiting for Stewart to come around under the caution.  Once Stewart is in view, Ward. Jr. goes even further down the apron and some believe even grabbed on to the back right wing of Stewart’s car which caused Stewart’s car to fishtail toward Ward. Jr. causing him to get caught under the back tires.  The video clearly shows the back right wing being brought down, most likely by the weight of Ward, Jr.’s body.

Now, putting these three things together, I just can’t grasp how the Ward Family can place blame on Tony Stewart.  Did Tony tell Ward, Jr. to go against track rules and get out of his car?  Did Tony tell him to make his way down the apron as cars passed?  Did Tony tell him to come closer still to the 14 Car as it drove by under caution?  And, did Tony tell him to grab the wing of the 14 Car?

Did it ever occur to the Ward Family that the marijuana might have caused Ward, Jr.’s initial accident with Stewart?

Does the Ward Family really want us to completely forget that Ward. Jr had “enough marijuana in his system to impair his judgement”? (Source: here and here – added 8/13/15) Is it possible that his impaired judgement and not Tony Stewart caused the initial accident and then, to literally add insult to injury, the impaired Ward gets out of his car, heads down the apron into on coming traffic and once Stewart’s car comes into view, he goes even further down the apron and actually grabs Stewart’s car?

Yet, all of this is Tony’s fault?  I supposed Tony gave him the pot too?

Who knew that Ward, Jr. had smoked pot before getting into his race car?

These are the tough questions that no reporter wants to ask.  Based on lab reports, Ward, Jr. would have had to ingest the pot within a few hours before his death.  That means, most likely, he smoked it at the track.  I hope Aunt Wendi, who claims that Ward, Jr. was with family for the 10 hours leading up to his death grasps the levity here.  Clearly, Wendi and Ward, Sr. are brother and sister – facts cloud their version of the truth.  According to the toxicology reports, at the time of death, the pot in Ward, Jr.’s system was at a level that is defined as “judgement impaired.”  So, someone had to smell it on him, someone had to see his red eyes or the other physical signs that he was high.  Did Ward, Jr’s pit crew and friends know he was high when he got behind the wheel?  He would have had to smoke it sometime after racing officially started at 7 pm. If reports are correct that he died between 9 and 10 pm, the Ward Family has a rough road ahead if they want a jury to believe that Stewart was directly responsible for their son’s death.  It would be hard to believe that no one at the track knew that Ward, Jr. had recently smoked pot or quite possibly smoked it there. Did his family know he smoked on occasion?

Now, the Ward Family has filed a civil suit against Stewart, just days before the one year anniversary of their son’s death.  According to USA Today;

“The suit claims that Stewart caused the accident that crashed Ward Jr.’s car initially, and citing his “unique race car and driving skills” and “extreme skill and control over his car” acted recklessly in revving his engine and not steering clear of Ward Jr. in the aftermath as other cars had. Ward Jr. died of blunt force trauma.”

“The suit does not state what the Ward family is seeking in damages. The suit contains four actions: wrongful death; terror, pain and suffering prior to death; intentional/reckless conduct; and gross negligence.”

“New York law dictates that the suit can only collect for the future loss of expected earnings or care Ward Jr. would have generated. No figure is included in the suit.”

It is my guess that the Ward Family is banking on the fact that Stewart is going to settle before going through the publicity of a jury trial in the middle of racing season.

I fail to see how the court case has legitimacy if Ward, Jr. was only 20 years-old and not financially responsible for his parents.  If Ward, Jr. had a wife or children, then yes, the legal system would expect his future earnings to support his family, but not his parents.  Wouldn’t attorneys have to prove that Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ward, Sr. were being financially supported by their 20 year old son?  If someone with some legal expertise could comment, that would be great.

My final question is this;  If Kevin Ward, Jr.’s death did not involve a high-profile, established (and wealthy) NASCAR driver and instead it involved Billy Bob Rivers who raced cars on the weekends and worked Monday through Friday at the local Pep Boys, would the Ward Family be taking Billy Bob to court?