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The Wall: Reframing Illegal Immigration

Multiple news sources are reporting that today, US President Donald Trump, will begin discussing and preparing for the wall between the US and its border with Mexico.  There are some personal experiences that I would like to share with you that many, if not most Americans are unfamiliar with.  It is important, with the wall being such a hot-button political item, that some truths be told.

I am bilingual, I speak both English and Spanish.  I am not Hispanic, but I know the culture well.  For many years I lived in a highly Mexican populated area and worked directly with both legal and illegal immigrants.  What most don’t know is that there is a seedy underworld where “papeles” (papers) are sold and shared between friends and relatives and even those who work at Immigration and Naturalization Services who are sympathetic to the cause will sell legitimate papers for a high price.

Here is the major take-away here, these people, while having legal papers, when the complete their W-2s when first hired by an employer, will claim a high number of dependents so that their paychecks will have less taken out in taxes.  They all did it, and because they never filed their income tax in April like the rest of us, they were never held accountable for proving those invented dependents.  I remember one in particular who joked about claiming six dependents and he wasn’t married and had no children.  Yes, he paid into Social Security but compared to what he cheated the US government out of, the hit he took from Social Security  was a small price to pay.

So, when someone tells you that illegals pay taxes, they do but not their full share.

Many work on a valid Social Security number and pass the card around to others once they are done with it.  Sadly, what many illegals do is come here for an extended period of time to earn enough money to build a house in Mexico, save up for getting married, etc. Some may come for 5 years, 10 years or even 20.  But, the goal is to eventually return to Mexico to live out the rest of their days.  They send much of the money they earn back to family and friends in Mexico who oversee the construction of their homes or simply put the money away in a bank account for them to have access to when they come home.  They also send money home to support family there.  Yet, there in lies one of the many problems, according to this article (2013) from the UK Mail, immigrants send, “a staggering $120 billion back to their families.”  That is money earned here yet is being injected into other economies instead of our own, Mexico included.

This is huge business for companies like Western Union.  This 2016 Business wire article, outlines:

In 2015, remittances to Mexico totaled USD$24.8 billion, according to Banco de Mexico, growing 4.75 percent over 2014. While U.S. senders account for more than 90 percent of the money moved into Mexico, Western Union transferred money to Mexico from more than 180 countries last year.

That is $24 billion dollars sent to Mexico that was earned here yet is instead infused into the Mexican economy.  Even former Mexican president Vicente Fox has been on a Twitter rampage against Trump, he too knows the trouble that Mexico could be in if this wall is built and the flow of US dollars into Mexico is minimized.

One of the reasons the amnesty attempts made over the past 30 years have been unsuccessful is because many prefer to stay in the shadows because it is financially expeditious.  If they were given legal status, as a resident alien, then they would be issued an valid Social Security number and would then have to file taxes and show proof of any dependents they claimed on their W-2s.   Those on the left love the phrase, “Path to citizenship,” but the reality is, most illegals only want the benefits of living in this country, not the responsibilities of it.  Investigative reporter Dennis Michael Lynch has done several exposes where he looked into the realities of those who patrol the US/Mexico border and those who crossed it to find a way to a better life that couldn’t be found among the corruption of the Mexican government.  But what he found was that far too many were here for nefarious reasons and most that he interviewed had no desire to stay here in the US and become citizens, they only wanted the reap the benefits of living in the US.  Yet, those who had criminal records seemed to find the US as a haven as well.

In the next segment, we will look at more of what illegals take from the US and the cost is astronomical.


The Eve of President Trump: A Letter to My Daughters

daughterDear Girls,

On the eve of the inauguration of our 45th president, I wanted to let you know that no matter what may happen in the next four years, we will be better than we have been in the past eight years.  Why?  The reasons are many but the most important of them is that we will now have a president who loves this country, its people and what it stands for.  You were not raised to believe in rainbows and unicorns or that Prince Charming will come in on a white horse and make your life perfect.  You were raised to be strong, thoughtful and proud.  You were raised to understand that life is tough, there will be hard days and not so hard days, moreover, you were raised that life is hard work.   Our next president understands these things and he too will have hard days and not so hard days as well. But, at the end of the day, right or wrong – he loves this country and its people…all of them.

We will no longer see police officers murdered because of the badge they wear and then ignored by our president for the unselfish sacrifice that they made.   We will no longer see a president turn a blind eye on bad people – a person will be judged by their actions, not admonished or forgiven because of the color of their skin – even if you share that same skin color with them.  I have always tried to instill in you both that actions speak louder than words and I believe that we will now have a president who believes this as well.

America will come first.  What an odd thing to be thankful for, but sadly, in recent years, we have indeed had presidents who did not put the well-being, health and safety of the American people first.  Instead, he was concerned with political agendas, ideologies and political backlash – not right and wrong.  This is what has many Americans so worried – the status quo is shifting and they don’t like it.  Our past president worried about everyone else but us, which was clear in just about everything he did.

Will President Trump make mistakes?  You bet.  Yet, we have the consolation that his decisions will be made in the hopes of helping us, not hurting us.  He will not hold us in contempt because of who we pray to, how much money we make or the color of our skin.  They only things he is concerned with is if we are Americans.   There will be people hell-bent on destroying him for no other reason than their own hate.   They hate people who do not agree with them, or think like them.   They hate you and me because we support our new president.  They hate us because we love America more than the rest of the world.  They hate us because we believe that people should work hard and be diligent in their efforts.  They hate us because we don’t make excuses when bad things happen to us causing us to fall into bed crying and blaming others because things didn’t go our way. We put on our big girl pants and we carry on.    They hate us because they are weak and we’re strong.   It is so much easier to sit back and blame, name call and make excuses, than to be fierce and shake your fist at the mountain and never give up.

You will come across people who will deny any good that this president does and will refuse to give him any accolades because of their hate.  Instead of doing their due diligence they will aim to destroy, hurt and harm much like the way you see immature girls at school behave when they don’t get what they want.  They will throw around labels, tell you that you are this and that and this is when you stand tall and tell them, “The only thing you can call me is American!”

The things that this nation has valued for over 200 years will finally be valued again.  Our military will stand tall under a commander in chief who they know has their back.  Our Veterans who were willing to sacrifice it all, will be made a priority because they were willing to give that last ounce of devotion for a flag that we honor and a way of life that we cherish.  Far too many complain far too much and are ungrateful for what we have and most importantly, who sacrificed to give it to us.

Those who have come here to only reap the benefits of our generous hearts will soon be made to go back home.  Some of those people may well be relatives of ours.  We have quietly stood by in shame, knowing that family members have lived here for decades, robbing this nation of the programs set aide for Americans in need.  We have watched money earned in this country sent to another to their benefit and to our detriment.  They  only think of themselves and excuse their illegal actions because they have never been made to justify them.   Do we still love them? Yes, but we do not love or support their actions.  They do not realize or care that when they harm this nation, they harm us.  Why? Because they  are not Americans.

While we celebrate tomorrow, rest assured that the next few years will be filled with more hate, more exaggerations and more fabrication.  I have taught you well, to find your own truth, to make your own conclusions and to follow the trail of information to the source.  What people actually say is often the opposite of what you are told.  Be vigilant, yet patient and most importantly, the young women I have tried so hard to teach you to be … strong, brave, prudent and … American.

Love forever,