Fear-Mongering 101: The Unhinged Left


When I sat in amazement at the election results on November 7th, I honestly was taken aback by the things I was seeing the following day and every day since.  It started with an uber liberal Facebook friend’s post.  He’s an educator and wanted to reach out to all of the LBGTQ students and let them know that he and his wife were there for them and he knew they were scared, etc.

So I responded back, “Seriously? ….” and then I started to look elsewhere, Twitter, etc. and I realized that these people have been led down this path by the members of the media who decided to use their position, and the public trust, to schlep for Hillary Clinton at any cost. Even on election night, as the reality of a Trump victory was unraveling,  ABC’s George Stephanopoulus, former Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy for former President Bill Clinton, began talking about the “rural white vote” that put Donald Trump over the top.   That comment came out loud and clear as “rednecks”.   Again, giving the connotation that Trump supporters are all white, racist, gun-toting voters and the imagine of the Confederate Flag immediately came to mind.  Within in minutes of that discussion, race-baiter Van Jones of CNN issues his “whitelash” comment.  The left’s incessant need to label and compartmentalized each and every one of us is modus operandi and it getting so, terribly old.

The next day we woke up to a new, polarized world.  The protesting and rioting started.  The press- fueled left was calling for a revolution while many of us wanted to remind them that we just had one, on 11/7.  They had been led by the hand to the belief that only Hillary could save them from the dictator and suddenly, under a Trump presidency civil rights were somehow going to be under attack.  The gay community, women, minorities, Roe v. Wade, abortion and every left-wing issue was suddenly going to be swept away via an Executive Order on Day 1 of the Trump Presidency.  There is no convincing them otherwise.

Twitter lit up with tweeted stating that they weren’t going to “allow” Trump take office. Michael Moore has threatened to protest an interfere with Trump’s inauguration.   There have also been insinuations of assassination and out right death threats which resonates their lack of understanding of process.  If Trump is assassinated, who becomes president?  Why Mike Pence, the person they are most scared of because of his strong evangelical beliefs, particularly that of conversion therapy.  Their constant ranting of racism, bigotry, white privilege, xenophobia, Islamophobia and their newest thing “white nationalism.”  If the left had to talk about politics without using any of these phrases, they would be unable to speak or have a coherent conversation.

I have also been enlightened by their complete lack of understanding of our electoral process as well as our legislative process.  When the left realized they may have won the popular vote, which is nothing more than anecdotal, they were up in arms screaming their token chant, “That’s not fair!” They suddenly realized what the Electoral College was and how it worked and because it didn’t work for them this one time, they now want to do away with it.  They were fine with it for the past 240 years but now, not so much.

They are also very upset about the choice of Breitbart’s  Stephen Bannon as Trump’s Senior Strategist.  They are so upset in fact, that they are starting a campaign to call their congressional representatives to express their displeasure.  You see, to the liberal mind, Congress is there to represent them and it is important to voice your opinions to them, even if it’s to show your displeasure as a lefty, with regard to a decision that the right made for their staff. Decisions that Congress has no role in whatsoever.  Let that one sink in …

Imagine, in all seriousness, what it must be like for these congressional secretaries, whose phones never stop ringing in the course of a normal day, to now have to deal with constituents complaining about how the other team does their business.   Bannon’s job is to advise the president on political strategy.  Would the left like him to be the new head of the DNC?  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch!  The fact that thousands, if not millions of liberals do not even comprehend the responsibilities of the legislative branch of government, might be why they’re running around like Chicken Little wearing their safety pins.

There is just so, so much to weed through in all of this, and because of the way the left has taken the news of their loss, I will be posting more often, most likely daily, to do my part to highlight the left’s shortcomings and hopefully give others the strength to do the same.

I will leave you with this one thought, which has been echoed else where;

Question: While many have asked Trump to ask his people to stop any protesting or rioting that they may be doing, why hasn’t Obama or Clinton come forward to do the same?

Answer?  You tell me …