HP: Tech Support Horror Story

HPIt is now 9:03 pm.

I have been either on the phone, or waiting for steps that I was told to take on my laptop since just after 5 pm.  I am spent.  I simply cannot believe that a company that I had complete trust in, has become my newest nightmare.


For the past few months, my daughter’s laptop had been dropping the wi-fi signal.  She never told me about it until one day about three weeks ago.  So we started calling HP Support.  We probably had three or four technicians walk us through various steps, troubleshooting and no one seems to know what was wrong or how to fix it.

Well, as of today, the warranty has 16 days left.  So, I came to the realization that they were, most likely, just pushing us through to the deadline.  But, I thought I would give them one more try.  I called them again today to see if they could try again.  Lord knows how many hours we have already dedicated to this but I was willing to try nonetheless.

The technician we received, once I explained the problem and what I was seeing on my screen thought he had a grasp of the problem.  Yet, after about an hour of troubleshooting, be told me we had no other choice than to do a complete system restore back to the factory settings.

He walked me through it and then said he would call back because there were a few things he had to do to the computer remotely before the problem could be fixed.  He said he would call back in an hour once the system restore was complete, because there were some settings he wanted to change or adjust.  So, I sat here waiting for the system restore to go through all of its steps and setting up the computer again as if it just came out of the box.  Then I had to set it all up, user and etc.

The technician called back but hung up before I could get to the phone.  I figured he would call back, he never did.  I was sitting right here next to the phone the entire time, and even checked for a dial tone a few times just to make sure.  He never called back.  It was about 7:40 by this time.

So, I called HP back and asked to speak to the technician I had before.  I was told that couldn’t be done.  By now we were well into hour three of this fiasco.  Technician #2 said he looked at the case notes and that if the system restore was done, there was nothing more to do, everything must be working fine.  That is when I started to lose it.  I raised my voice and told him that the previous technician said there were things he had to adjust, things he had to do to make sure the wifi didn’t drop anymore.  “Ma’am, there is nothing more that needs to be done, your computer should be working fine. ”  He continued to argue with me for another few moment and I just hung up on him while he was doing his whole, “Thank you for calling HP, have a nice day.”

I gave my daughter her computer back and in less than an hour, the signal dropped again. Now we were into hour four of this disaster and approaching hour five.  I called the 800 number AGAIN and this time refused any tech support help and said I want a brand new, fresh smelling, right off the factory floor laptop.  I didn’t want a refurbished one, I wasn’t going to have my daughter without her computer for two weeks while they tried to “fix” it.  Because we all know that by the end of this something is going to get screwed up and we’re going to be told that the warranty date has passed and we’re out of luck.

So, I was told that a brand new computer is not an option, I was told that it could be sent in for repairs and I said, “We’ll, what about the warranty?” The supervisor said he could extend it for 90 days.  I told him it wasn’t good enough.  I told him that I have always had HP products; laptops, printers and have never had any problems with customer service technicians who didn’t know how to fix a problem.  In the past four months, we not only had the laptop issue but the wireless printer refused to stay online.  I easily wasted half a ream of paper on print jobs that were partially completed or pages that only print the top half and then the thing quit on me.  When I asked for a new printer, because it was still under warranty, they were disingenuous because they agreed, but sent me a refurbished printer, not a new one.  The problem still exists and now I have to shut the printer down and restart it just about every time I want to print something.

Got an extra six months on the warranty for the laptop.  It is going to be sent in for repairs, a new wireless card or something to that effect.  The only reason I gave in was because we were going to be on vacation next week and I knew that she wouldn’t need the laptop for school.

So, I’ll get back to you all in about 10 days with an update … I just hung up with the supervisor at 9:47 pm.