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Liberty Mutual and Planned Parenthood: Is There a Connection?

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Since the public release of the damning undercover videos of Planned Parenthood (PP)  staffers and administrators discussing the harvesting of organs as part of their abortion process many Americans have taken a sincere interest in where PP gets their funding.

Many Americans feel that the federal government should not fund agencies like this, the left feel it is a vital part of their “woman’s right to choose” mantra.  Yet, even the most ardent of left-wingers are hesitant to jump into the cesspool that is growing in PP’s backyard.   They are beginning to sense that PP’s marketing and public relations teams have done an admirable job of keeping their reality out of the eye of the general public … until now.

Many news sources have been sharing lists of companies who support Planned Parenthood.  My family and I have been with Liberty Mutual for over 15 years and have enjoyed a great relationship with the staff in our local office and those we have dealt with at regional and corporate offices the few times that we have had to make claims.   I have always been quick to recommend them to people looking for  good insurance company because we have had such a positive experience for so long.

When I saw that Liberty Mutual was on the list of those giving to PP, I did what I often do, I do my own research and make sure that the information that has been shared with me is correct.

Yesterday, I tweeted Liberty Mutual my question and below you have their response:

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About an hour ago I got a call from a representative from Liberty Mutual’s corporate headquarters in Boston to follow up on my Twitter query.  I must admit that I was impressed that they responded in less than 24 hours.

The woman, named Kristine, explained the following to me.  While LM doesn’t directly fund PP through corporate grants and the like, PP *is* one of the 7500 non-profits that LM employees can donate to via payroll deductions.  Additionally, LM matches employee donations to the tune of 50 cents to the dollar.

I then asked how a non-profit is put on this list of 7500 non-profits.  She said that if an employee has a non-profit that they want to support and is not on the list, they can submit the non-profit for consideration to be added to the list.  As long as the non-profit is a 501c3 in good standing, they will add it to the list for employees to donate to, and for the company to match, again, 50 cents to the dollar.

I explained my objections to my money being indirectly put in the hands of PP and she was very open to my comments and thoughts.  I asked that she consider passing my thoughts up the chain to the decision makers in the hopes that they may reconsider including PP on their list of charities/non-profits.

If they do not publicly share the removal of PP from their list of non-profits, we plan on changing insurance companies.  Why?  Because we are at a point in our lives where we need to make sure our money is being used for things that we support and in all honesty, the more Americans who make this decision, the sooner we can orchestrate change in the right direction.


6 thoughts on “Liberty Mutual and Planned Parenthood: Is There a Connection?

  1. I appreciate your action on this. I called locally and got a dead end…..Questioning my resource saying LM contributed…..unaware of any publicity re LM and PP. …..and saying they were a national company and local had no control. I reminded her that Coke was international company and has made a statement denying they contributed…..but where was LM?

  2. ME too…I must not be a part of the slow slide into insidiousness that is pervading our once and great society. Individually we can make a difference simply by stating why we are changing our policies. I have been happy with Liberty Mutual but I am certain I can be as happy with an insurer who has a cleaner and clearer record on this issue. And, please, everyone take note, Pro Choice is not the opposite of Pro Life…Pro Death is the correct opposite; choice is the actionable decision and life and death are the nouns, the outcomes of the actionable choice.

  3. I had just recently switched my auto and homeowner’s insurance to Liberty Mutual, when I learned of their Planned Parenthood involvement through their employee directed charitable contributions. I just now cancelled my policies and politely let them know my reasons. The representative I spoke to in Texas was very polite and understanding, and I explained that my hope would be the company would reconsider including PP on their list, at which point I would love to come back and be one of their customers.

    I commend Musing Mary and the others that have made this move. If LM realizes their association with the butchers of PP is costing them business, then they may change. Ideally, I’d hope they change because it’s the right thing to do and it wouldn’t take the loss of several policies to move them to action.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Jim. The interesting fact is that after leaving LM, I found another great company that spends their money on their programs, not on their marketing and high-cost advertising. I now am a proud client of Erie Insurance and just had a car accident claim in recent weeks. They handled it like a pro – I do not miss LM at all!

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