Rex W. Huppke: The Persecution of Men?



Yeah, yeah – I know, I haven’t posted in forever but this topic grabbed my attention because it reminded me of a very poignant story from my time in graduate school. 

Today, Chicago Tribune writer submitted this story about how feminism is destroying men.  According to Australian author Nick Adams, we women are getting in the way. 

“It emerges from this mindset that a lot of women have unfortunately bought in to, this destructive idea that men prevent them from being able to achieve their goals. From the left, from the politically correct, we have all these attacks on men. It’s a very hard time to be a man in today’s society.”

The old adage, behind every successful man is a woman really cannot be denied.  Most powerful, wealthy men have trophy wives who make sure that their suits get pressed, there is food in the fridge, that gifts are bought for his mother’s birthday and dare we even bring up the kids.  Who takes them to the doctor’s, school, helps with homework, brings them to baseball or karate, etc.?  That would be their wife who did sacrifice her dreams so that he could be someone.   Even if a woman took time off to be a stay-at-home mom, that falls under this topic. 

We as a culture just can’t seem to get around the fact that having kids, at least younger children, cannot be done well with both parents working full-time. 

Here is the story that rings ever-so-true about this topic:

In graduate school, I waited tables on the weekend in a middle-scale restaurant.  One evening an unhappy looking family; mom, dad and two kids under the age of ten, sat at one of my tables.  It was clear that there was tension in the air.  So, I was my pleasant self trying to change the mood and when I returned with their drinks, this is what I heard. 

Husband: I just don’t see why we have to eat out and spend $40!

Wife: Because I am not going to work all day and then come home and cook five nights a week!

This my friends is the problem.  While, as the author mentioned, men just want to be left alone and be cavemen sometimes, there are things that still need to get done, responsibilities that inevitably fall in the females lap because traditionally, they were her responsibility.  Men seem to easily enjoy the spoils of a second income but just can’t seem to muster up the wherewithal to engage in true equality at home. 

Now, I know, there are going to be women coming out of the woodwork bragging about all that their husband’s do.  Well, good for you – you married someone who gets it.  Most men don’t unfortunately and I have a theory about that.  Men look back at their mothers and their home lives growing up and their mom did just about everything for them because they were the boy in the house, the son, the one who carries on the family name.  I don’t care what men say when they are about to find out the sex of their soon-to-be-born child, when they hear it is a boy there is a sigh of relief. Moms simply do more for their sons then they do for their daughters and now, it is coming back to bite the next generation in the butt. 

Men leave the house for work and come home to it looking pretty much the way it did when they left. So, in their minds, nothing changed.  They, unfortunately, missed the cereal that got spilled on the carpet, the school books that were thrown all over the entry way, the dog throwing up on the kitchen floor, etc.  They have no concept that things actually happened when they were away. 

So, ladies, our mothers did this to us – just another thing we can blame them for at the table at Easter.