Maureen Dowd: Is there a real McCain?

Intelligence officials were adamant that this was a message from a POW still alive in Southeast Asia

I have often read Maureen Dowd’s column and I find her refreshing and enjoy her edgy commentary even if I don’t always agree with her.  Yet, her December 22nd (Yeah, I know, I am a little behind from the Holidays) column on John McCain couldn’t be more on the money.  John McCain has and always will be loyal to only one entity, himself.  Maverick is a kind term for pig-headed and self-centered.  John McCain is never wrong, even when he is.  You see his reality is a place where he is king, the center of attention in any room and he is the intellect whose opinion everyone seeks.

I have always been struck by McCain stating in his first interview when he returned from Vietnam that he wanted to get involved in politics.   An interesting turn of event for someone from a long line of military officers.   What experience did he have that would make him break with tradition?  One can only speculate and since I have no reliable confirmation of my opinion, I prefer to not express it here.

What I would like to do is direct readers to this blog post that chronicles McCain’s history in an issue where he should have been the one leading the charge instead of digging in his heels.

If John McCain cannot support those who never returned from Southeast Asia when he, most likely due to his family ties, returned to have a prosperous life and political career, well, as the blogger so vividly summarizes, it is indeed the measure of the man.


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