New Year : New Resolutions

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As 2009 comes to an end and we welcome in 2010, let’s look forward rather than backward and make a promise to post more and try to make a commitment to me and to those who enjoy reading blogs to be more diligent in this area of my writing.

So, my muse side will be more present in the blogosphere in 2010 and those opinions that I am so quick to share with those around me will now be posted here.   It will be lethargic for me and hopefully entertaining for you!

Until tomorrow … Happy New Year!

Mary Ann

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DOUTHAT: Celebrity? Palin v. Obama

Portrait of Barack Obama

Today’s op-ed in the NYT by Ross Douthat is a textbook definition of duplicity.  Douthat analyses the celebrity of Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee yet this quote had me questioning Ross’ sanity, ” They seemed unready for high office, and owed their appeal more to personality than to substance.”

Now, in different circles, this same quote would lead many to think of someone else whose political resume contains three entries; community organizer, state senator and one term as US Senator.

Ross’ duplicitous bias continues on with, “It’s possible to be a celebrity and a serious politician at the same time: Barack Obama’s career proves as much. But Obama’s celebrity status is frequently a political liability, and he’s (usually) wise enough to know it. That’s why he plays the wonk as often as he plays the global icon.”

One would have to be sitting on the porch with some very impressive rose colored glasses to not laugh at the idea of Obama as a serious politician.  Seriously!