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There IS Hope … Well Maybe

Hello?  Is anybody home?  It's me ... The President?
Hello? Is anybody home? It's me ... The President?

Just took a jaunt over to Fox News and found a few fun stories that would be perfect for what I like to call one of my potpourri posts.

1)      A State Department employee who is also an attorney has filed a lawsuit claiming that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has illegally taken the post and must resign.  Here is AP’s report on the lawsuit, shortest AP article I have ever seen!

2)   Hannity has a new segment called Media Mash that I really like. He takes a glimpse at the week’s media bias and then has a guest contributor do the commentary with him. Unfortunately there is no link to this week’s segment but if you do go to Fox News >Hannity>Videos find the video clip entitled “Window Treatment”, it’s a hoot!

3)   President Obama tried to walk into the White House through a window! Sure, a window can look like a door and he has only occupied the White House for a little over a week so I can personally cut him some slack. I am sure he is still figuring out how to get from the private residency to various staffers offices. Now, yeah, it is funny for a chuckle but how this was basically ignored and how the flubs that President Bush made during his term were again, night and day.

But there is no Media Bias, right?


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