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The Successful Novelist: A Muse’s Delight


I thought I would go light with today’s post and decided to write a bit about a book I just started, The Successful Novelist by David Morrell of Rambo fame. Yes, believe it or not, Rambo: First Blood was a novel first and later became a Holywood icon.  This is not a novel, but a book that he wrote and has updated, in which he shares his journey as a writer from the moment he decided to become a writer to the moment he got his first advance on First Blood and beyond. There is no doubt that this guy has had much success and  yet the thing I love about this book is that he modestly remembers from  where he came and the road he took to get there.  Now, he willingly and openly shares all of his successes and failures as a writer in the hopes that he can inspires others to stay the course and embrace a dream all the while avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that he himself encountered.

The book is written with a very warm and supportive nature and you simply feel like you are sitting across the table from him in your kitchen and he is telling you his life story over a cup a joe, all the while encouraging you to do this, to become a novelist.  He gives his opinion about publishing and publishers and how to deal with them without losing your voice in the process if your novel eventually is turned into a movie or TV series and most importantly, makes the piece of work itself the most significant thing for a novelist to hold on to.

In short, this book is inspiring.  We really don’t see too many Hollywood types making an honest effort to share their craft with the up and coming generation of their entertainment genre; David Morrell is the exception.

The most hysterical thing of all?  I am barely 30 pages into this book and I feel like I am reading John Grisham’s The Client.   Back in grad school I was flying home for the Holidays and on a whim picked up The Client at a newstand in O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  I started reading it and simply could not put the thing down.  I got home around dinner time that night and had my traditional “first night home” meal that my dad would always make just for me and about 11 pm I went up to bed.  I picked up the book again and the next thing I knew it was almost 5 am and I heard my mom at the bottom of the stairs asking if I was okay.  I said that I was just reading before bed.  When she chuckled and told me the time I glanced at the clock in my room and couldn’t believe where the time went. 

That is how well written and insightful this guidebook for aspiring novelists is!

I may post again when I finish it!

For now, have a great night everyone!


Mary Ann


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