Hypocrisy at San Antonio’s Central Catholic High School


A San Antonio teacher was terminated recently from her teaching position for marrying a man who had been divorced which is against Catholic Law. Having taught in a Catholic high school myself and knowing the politics of such an establishment, I have a lot to say to the former Ms. LaFortune (and her legal team).

First, Good for You!  The Roman Catholic Church has been a power hungry group of elitists for centuries and their hypocrisy is going to be their ultimate downfall.  Having taught is a similar setting, I am sure that much of the same ocurred with Ms. LaFortune.  First, the female and male teachers were held to completely different standards and sets of expectations.  I would be curious to know if any of the male faculty was divorced or married to someone who was divorced.  If demographics state that approximately 50% of all marriages in the US fail, then the odds are rather promising for this teacher finding a present or past faculty member who is or was divorced.

With all of the sexual deviance on the part of hundreds, if not thousands of clergy across the nation, the arrogance of this school’s headmaster sheds some light on just how out of touch today’s Catholic Church is.  If the school is having this sort of mind set then what about other issues?  The school I taught in is presently charging some $8,000 a year per student for instruction.  Then add to it books, uniforms and other incidentals and $10,000 is more like it.  Most Americans don’t have that kind of money to spend on private school tuition, therefore, the clientele of this educational institution is relatively wealthy and priviledged. 

Continuing on with this train of thought, how many of the student body come from divorced homes?  How many of them were conceived out of wedlock?  How many of the mothers of students that attend this school have had abortions?  How many drink or use illegal drugs when they are outside of school?  How many are having sex before marriage?  I can tell you, from personal experience, many students who come from these elite schools, as wonderful as these students are, they have the financial means to get their hands on just about anything and their families have the money to make a school look the other way regardless of the infraction. 

If the teachers are being held to such a high standard, are the students? Are the parents? 

Final comment; Does the school accept financial donations, endowments or trusts from individuals who have been divorced?  If they do then Ms. LaFortune has a very strong case.  If it sees the inside of a courtroom is another story.


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