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Iseman vs. the NY Times: The winner is … The Attorneys

Former Presidential Candidate John S. McCain
Former Presidential Candidate John S. McCain

This AP article from last night has some intriguing undertones that are more than worthy of some space for today’s post. In short, a telecommunication lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, who was linked romantically to then presidential candidate John McCain in February of ’08 by the NY Times, has now taken legal action against the Times.

The intricacies of the claims and the responses from both sides are in and of itself newsworthy but it was the last part of this AP article that made me pause a moment.

“Ms. Iseman’s relationship with Senator McCain was entirely professional, ethical, and appropriate,” the lawsuit states, adding that it “was not different in kind from the cordial yet professional relationship that hundreds of lobbyists have with hundreds of members of Congress.”

The part that I found bothersome is the insinuation that this is a typical, some might even say traditional and acceptable behavior, for a member of Congress and a lobbyist. I think we can all come to the consensus that Congress, regardless of political party, is not there to truly serve the people they represent back home, but to serve themselves. Yes, they do work on legislation that often is passed and provides a nice park or improve the interstate and the like but that is nothing more than appeasement.

Someone may complain about their congressional representative all the while there will be someone saying, “Yeah, but remember when he did X? That really was a benefit to many in the community.” It may well have been, but it was nothing more than table scraps thrown your way to keep you happy and something to remind you of come re-election. Show me one member of Congress who truly cares about their district. I don’t mean to be cynical but this is the way it is. DC is nothing more than a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ club.

They placate to us and to the media all in the name of democracy yet the only people in DC who really have their collective ear are the most powerful of the lobbyists. This situation is Iseman is almost laughable. Lobbyists are the ones who really run DC, they have the money to make the members of the House and Senate at least listen … if only “We the People” had that kind of clout.

Now the interesting backdraft, if you will, will be how McCain will fit into all of this. If there are lawyers involved, you can bet that McCain will be threatened with a supoena. What will the Maverick do? We shall see …


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