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Caroline Kennedy and the Senate Seat


One of the most talked about events on the political scene this past week has been the sudden, some what questionable surge of former first daughter Caroline Kennedy.  I sit here wondering if her somewhat unexpected stumping for the Obama Campaign was the first of many methodical steps to get us to where we are today.   A simple reminder to the American people that Caroline Kennedy, the Princesss of Camelot, was still alive and well and interested in the political process.

At the time, when she first left her reclusive lifestyle of the New York City elite, many saw the new public Caroline as a sign of her strong belief  in Obama yet now, giving it a second look, this could well have been nothing more than part of her master plan; no doubt overseen by her Uncle Ted.  It would appear that Camelot needed yet another high profile Kennedy working in the Beltway as Uncle Ted’s health is in question.

This past week she ventured into somewhat virgin territory for a New Yorker, Syracuse.  You see, most New Yorkers consider Upstate NY a necessary evil.  New York is technically a State but few people realize that there is a huge state attached to the City.  The only time New Yorkers think about Upstate is when there is an election on the horizon.  Just recently Representative Gary Ackerman (D-Queens/Long Island), when asked if he would consider the soon-to-be vacant Clinton Senate seat he replied, “I don’t do Utica”.  Utica, a small upstate city, like many, hard hit by the economy and largely forgotten by those representing them in Washington; much of Upstate New York can say the same thing about their representatives.

Caroline’s much publicized visit to Syracuse this week is just another of the aforementioned steps to get NY Governor Patterson to hand pick Caroline for Hillary Clinton’s seat on the Senate.  The problem is, many New Yorker, in particular those Upstate, are seriously questioning Kennedy’s experience, knowledge and quite honestly, her purpose for wanting the seat.  New Yorkers feel that she lacks the experience and would most likely be a pawn for her Uncle while Upstaters simply don’t want another elite, disconnected down-stater who knows nothing about life north of Pougkipse.

Sadly, Caroline will most likely be who Patterson picks due to political pressures from outside of the State with no concern for what is best for New York … State.


One thought on “Caroline Kennedy and the Senate Seat

  1. One would have to ask him or herself, “what is it about New York politics and the Kennedy’s?” What dirty secrets are within the borders of the Empire State? Does Patterson even know what they are or is he just a puppet for the string pullers in NYC?

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