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The Wall: Reframing Illegal Immigration

Multiple news sources are reporting that today, US President Donald Trump, will begin discussing and preparing for the wall between the US and its border with Mexico.  There are some personal experiences that I would like to share with you that many, if not most Americans are unfamiliar with.  It is important, with the wall being such a hot-button political item, that some truths be told.

I am bilingual, I speak both English and Spanish.  I am not Hispanic, but I know the culture well.  For many years I lived in a highly Mexican populated area and worked directly with both legal and illegal immigrants.  What most don’t know is that there is a seedy underworld where “papeles” (papers) are sold and shared between friends and relatives and even those who work at Immigration and Naturalization Services who are sympathetic to the cause will sell legitimate papers for a high price.

Here is the major take-away here, these people, while having legal papers, when the complete their W-2s when first hired by an employer, will claim a high number of dependents so that their paychecks will have less taken out in taxes.  They all did it, and because they never filed their income tax in April like the rest of us, they were never held accountable for proving those invented dependents.  I remember one in particular who joked about claiming six dependents and he wasn’t married and had no children.  Yes, he paid into Social Security but compared to what he cheated the US government out of, the hit he took from Social Security  was a small price to pay.

So, when someone tells you that illegals pay taxes, they do but not their full share.

Many work on a valid Social Security number and pass the card around to others once they are done with it.  Sadly, what many illegals do is come here for an extended period of time to earn enough money to build a house in Mexico, save up for getting married, etc. Some may come for 5 years, 10 years or even 20.  But, the goal is to eventually return to Mexico to live out the rest of their days.  They send much of the money they earn back to family and friends in Mexico who oversee the construction of their homes or simply put the money away in a bank account for them to have access to when they come home.  They also send money home to support family there.  Yet, there in lies one of the many problems, according to this article (2013) from the UK Mail, immigrants send, “a staggering $120 billion back to their families.”  That is money earned here yet is being injected into other economies instead of our own, Mexico included.

This is huge business for companies like Western Union.  This 2016 Business wire article, outlines:

In 2015, remittances to Mexico totaled USD$24.8 billion, according to Banco de Mexico, growing 4.75 percent over 2014. While U.S. senders account for more than 90 percent of the money moved into Mexico, Western Union transferred money to Mexico from more than 180 countries last year.

That is $24 billion dollars sent to Mexico that was earned here yet is instead infused into the Mexican economy.  Even former Mexican president Vicente Fox has been on a Twitter rampage against Trump, he too knows the trouble that Mexico could be in if this wall is built and the flow of US dollars into Mexico is minimized.

One of the reasons the amnesty attempts made over the past 30 years have been unsuccessful is because many prefer to stay in the shadows because it is financially expeditious.  If they were given legal status, as a resident alien, then they would be issued an valid Social Security number and would then have to file taxes and show proof of any dependents they claimed on their W-2s.   Those on the left love the phrase, “Path to citizenship,” but the reality is, most illegals only want the benefits of living in this country, not the responsibilities of it.  Investigative reporter Dennis Michael Lynch has done several exposes where he looked into the realities of those who patrol the US/Mexico border and those who crossed it to find a way to a better life that couldn’t be found among the corruption of the Mexican government.  But what he found was that far too many were here for nefarious reasons and most that he interviewed had no desire to stay here in the US and become citizens, they only wanted the reap the benefits of living in the US.  Yet, those who had criminal records seemed to find the US as a haven as well.

In the next segment, we will look at more of what illegals take from the US and the cost is astronomical.


The Eve of President Trump: A Letter to My Daughters

daughterDear Girls,

On the eve of the inauguration of our 45th president, I wanted to let you know that no matter what may happen in the next four years, we will be better than we have been in the past eight years.  Why?  The reasons are many but the most important of them is that we will now have a president who loves this country, its people and what it stands for.  You were not raised to believe in rainbows and unicorns or that Prince Charming will come in on a white horse and make your life perfect.  You were raised to be strong, thoughtful and proud.  You were raised to understand that life is tough, there will be hard days and not so hard days, moreover, you were raised that life is hard work.   Our next president understands these things and he too will have hard days and not so hard days as well. But, at the end of the day, right or wrong – he loves this country and its people…all of them.

We will no longer see police officers murdered because of the badge they wear and then ignored by our president for the unselfish sacrifice that they made.   We will no longer see a president turn a blind eye on bad people – a person will be judged by their actions, not admonished or forgiven because of the color of their skin – even if you share that same skin color with them.  I have always tried to instill in you both that actions speak louder than words and I believe that we will now have a president who believes this as well.

America will come first.  What an odd thing to be thankful for, but sadly, in recent years, we have indeed had presidents who did not put the well-being, health and safety of the American people first.  Instead, he was concerned with political agendas, ideologies and political backlash – not right and wrong.  This is what has many Americans so worried – the status quo is shifting and they don’t like it.  Our past president worried about everyone else but us, which was clear in just about everything he did.

Will President Trump make mistakes?  You bet.  Yet, we have the consolation that his decisions will be made in the hopes of helping us, not hurting us.  He will not hold us in contempt because of who we pray to, how much money we make or the color of our skin.  They only things he is concerned with is if we are Americans.   There will be people hell-bent on destroying him for no other reason than their own hate.   They hate people who do not agree with them, or think like them.   They hate you and me because we support our new president.  They hate us because we love America more than the rest of the world.  They hate us because we believe that people should work hard and be diligent in their efforts.  They hate us because we don’t make excuses when bad things happen to us causing us to fall into bed crying and blaming others because things didn’t go our way. We put on our big girl pants and we carry on.    They hate us because they are weak and we’re strong.   It is so much easier to sit back and blame, name call and make excuses, than to be fierce and shake your fist at the mountain and never give up.

You will come across people who will deny any good that this president does and will refuse to give him any accolades because of their hate.  Instead of doing their due diligence they will aim to destroy, hurt and harm much like the way you see immature girls at school behave when they don’t get what they want.  They will throw around labels, tell you that you are this and that and this is when you stand tall and tell them, “The only thing you can call me is American!”

The things that this nation has valued for over 200 years will finally be valued again.  Our military will stand tall under a commander in chief who they know has their back.  Our Veterans who were willing to sacrifice it all, will be made a priority because they were willing to give that last ounce of devotion for a flag that we honor and a way of life that we cherish.  Far too many complain far too much and are ungrateful for what we have and most importantly, who sacrificed to give it to us.

Those who have come here to only reap the benefits of our generous hearts will soon be made to go back home.  Some of those people may well be relatives of ours.  We have quietly stood by in shame, knowing that family members have lived here for decades, robbing this nation of the programs set aide for Americans in need.  We have watched money earned in this country sent to another to their benefit and to our detriment.  They  only think of themselves and excuse their illegal actions because they have never been made to justify them.   Do we still love them? Yes, but we do not love or support their actions.  They do not realize or care that when they harm this nation, they harm us.  Why? Because they  are not Americans.

While we celebrate tomorrow, rest assured that the next few years will be filled with more hate, more exaggerations and more fabrication.  I have taught you well, to find your own truth, to make your own conclusions and to follow the trail of information to the source.  What people actually say is often the opposite of what you are told.  Be vigilant, yet patient and most importantly, the young women I have tried so hard to teach you to be … strong, brave, prudent and … American.

Love forever,



Fear-Mongering 101: The Unhinged Left


When I sat in amazement at the election results on November 7th, I honestly was taken aback by the things I was seeing the following day and every day since.  It started with an uber liberal Facebook friend’s post.  He’s an educator and wanted to reach out to all of the LBGTQ students and let them know that he and his wife were there for them and he knew they were scared, etc.

So I responded back, “Seriously? ….” and then I started to look elsewhere, Twitter, etc. and I realized that these people have been led down this path by the members of the media who decided to use their position, and the public trust, to schlep for Hillary Clinton at any cost. Even on election night, as the reality of a Trump victory was unraveling,  ABC’s George Stephanopoulus, former Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy for former President Bill Clinton, began talking about the “rural white vote” that put Donald Trump over the top.   That comment came out loud and clear as “rednecks”.   Again, giving the connotation that Trump supporters are all white, racist, gun-toting voters and the imagine of the Confederate Flag immediately came to mind.  Within in minutes of that discussion, race-baiter Van Jones of CNN issues his “whitelash” comment.  The left’s incessant need to label and compartmentalized each and every one of us is modus operandi and it getting so, terribly old.

The next day we woke up to a new, polarized world.  The protesting and rioting started.  The press- fueled left was calling for a revolution while many of us wanted to remind them that we just had one, on 11/7.  They had been led by the hand to the belief that only Hillary could save them from the dictator and suddenly, under a Trump presidency civil rights were somehow going to be under attack.  The gay community, women, minorities, Roe v. Wade, abortion and every left-wing issue was suddenly going to be swept away via an Executive Order on Day 1 of the Trump Presidency.  There is no convincing them otherwise.

Twitter lit up with tweeted stating that they weren’t going to “allow” Trump take office. Michael Moore has threatened to protest an interfere with Trump’s inauguration.   There have also been insinuations of assassination and out right death threats which resonates their lack of understanding of process.  If Trump is assassinated, who becomes president?  Why Mike Pence, the person they are most scared of because of his strong evangelical beliefs, particularly that of conversion therapy.  Their constant ranting of racism, bigotry, white privilege, xenophobia, Islamophobia and their newest thing “white nationalism.”  If the left had to talk about politics without using any of these phrases, they would be unable to speak or have a coherent conversation.

I have also been enlightened by their complete lack of understanding of our electoral process as well as our legislative process.  When the left realized they may have won the popular vote, which is nothing more than anecdotal, they were up in arms screaming their token chant, “That’s not fair!” They suddenly realized what the Electoral College was and how it worked and because it didn’t work for them this one time, they now want to do away with it.  They were fine with it for the past 240 years but now, not so much.

They are also very upset about the choice of Breitbart’s  Stephen Bannon as Trump’s Senior Strategist.  They are so upset in fact, that they are starting a campaign to call their congressional representatives to express their displeasure.  You see, to the liberal mind, Congress is there to represent them and it is important to voice your opinions to them, even if it’s to show your displeasure as a lefty, with regard to a decision that the right made for their staff. Decisions that Congress has no role in whatsoever.  Let that one sink in …

Imagine, in all seriousness, what it must be like for these congressional secretaries, whose phones never stop ringing in the course of a normal day, to now have to deal with constituents complaining about how the other team does their business.   Bannon’s job is to advise the president on political strategy.  Would the left like him to be the new head of the DNC?  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch!  The fact that thousands, if not millions of liberals do not even comprehend the responsibilities of the legislative branch of government, might be why they’re running around like Chicken Little wearing their safety pins.

There is just so, so much to weed through in all of this, and because of the way the left has taken the news of their loss, I will be posting more often, most likely daily, to do my part to highlight the left’s shortcomings and hopefully give others the strength to do the same.

I will leave you with this one thought, which has been echoed else where;

Question: While many have asked Trump to ask his people to stop any protesting or rioting that they may be doing, why hasn’t Obama or Clinton come forward to do the same?

Answer?  You tell me …


Cousins: No Closer Connection

cousin-sayingsI should probably preface this post with the fact that this is a very personal commentary and if you want to stop reading now, I will totally understand.  This topic is completely out of the realm of politics, sports or any other topics that I have touch on in the past.  I just need to get this out, in a cathartic sense because I just really can’t keep it in any longer.

Growing up I was blessed with 23 first cousins, six on one side and seventeen on the other.  With that many cousins, I really didn’t have a need for friends because I already had 23 of them.  My childhood memories are filled with times with my cousins.  Family events, holidays or just a summer picnic at a local park.  Still today, decades later, I am still very close with the overwhelming majority of them.  With many of them, we’re still making memories even as we have grown up and started families of our own.  Their kids and mine are best of friends.  It is beautiful to see.

There is one though, that I can no longer make memories with.  We lost him in an accident last year and it was a loss so deep and profound it is still an open wound. There are still tears, there are still flashes of old memories that come crashing back that are followed by an outburst of tears much like the tears that were shed when the news came some 16 months ago.  Ricky was one of those people that you just felt blessed knowing and even more so having the privilege to call family.  He had one of those larger-than-life personalities that made connections with people that left an impression that you always carried with you.  People like him are rare and nothing short of a treasure.

I was blessed to be his big cousin by some 14 years.  To say I adored that little boy would be an understatement.   We lived an hour or so away from each other so whenever there was an opportunity to spend time with him, I would jump at it – he and I just had a connection.  One of the fondest memories I have of him, is when I was in college and he was about five – he would wake me up early on Saturdays when he was visiting and we would make cereal and sit on the living room floor together and watch cartoons.  There I was in my twenties, often hung over and there was no place I would rather be than sitting there on the floor with Ricky.

I would look over at him and find him staring back at me with the biggest smile and those dimples of his – just looking back at me with so much love – it still brings me to tears just thinking about it. This freeze-framed memory is simply burned in my memory. There was just something magical about the time we spent together.  Even when his dad took a job that brought them out of the country for a few years, and I moved out of state, that connection was still as strong as ever.

Until the moment we lost Ricky, the most difficult time in my life was the loss of our grandmother some 23 years ago.  I loved my grandmother more than anyone else in this world, she wasn’t just my grandmother, she was my friend.  The day of her funeral, after the services were over at the cemetery I just couldn’t leave her side.  The rest of the family had walked away and started getting into their cars but I just couldn’t leave her alone.  That is all I kept thinking, “We can’t just leave her here alone.”  Two uncles tried to get me to leave her side, my dad and mom as well and finally someone asked Ricky to try to come get me.

He came to my side, saw my tears, and without a word,  just held out his hand for me to go with him.  I look at him and took his hand and we walked in silence holding hands back to the rest of our family.

He was 12.

The boy from that day grew into a man much like the 12 year-old version of himself.  He just knew instinctively what to say and do in situations where others would be unsure of their next move.  It was one of his many gifts.

Sadly, as with many families, when there is a death, there are harsh words over materialistic things and then hurt feelings and in the worst cases, family stops talking to each other.  This was the case for Ricky and I and for over a decade we were keep apart.  My cousins and I became collateral damage.  I actually had to do an internet search to see photos of him in college to see what he looked like. Looking back, how pathetic is this simple act? Thankfully he played sports in college so I was able to find him with little effort and was brought to tears to see him.

Finally, at a family wedding, we were all together in the same room for the first time since we said goodbye to my grandmother.  Time had healed some wounds and we were able to at least be sociable as a family and have fun together again.  Ricky and I picked right up where we left off and while the boy had become a man he still remembered our Saturday morning cartoons and the closeness we shared.  It was as if the time apart had been weeks instead of years.

I was so happy to have him back in my life, for him to meet my children and for them to get to know him on their own terms.  They, of course, took to him in a heart beat and quickly found out just how amazing he was.  Sadly, that was short-lived.

A family divorce caused similar issues that plagued us when my grandmother passed away.  Thankfully, this time, we were adults and living on our own and could stay in touch through social media and phone calls.  Yet, when he was in town, he was forbidden to see me.  To “keep the peace” we obliged because if the wrong person found out that certain cousins saw the others, it would be hell for him.

Ricky’s death hurt more than losing my grandmother.  Why?  Because with Grandma, she was sick and we knew here time was finite.  Ricky’s death was so much more horrific because his life had just started, it was so unexpected and for me personally, I had hoped that with time, we could have the kind of relationship we were supposed to have once the aftermath of the divorce wore off.

I harbor so much resentment and loathing for the one person who insisted that my cousins and I be pawns in this game that no one was ever going to win.  We were never part of each other’ special moments, graduations, weddings, new additions to the family – all the moments that are supposed to be shared as a family were the very moments that we were cheated out of.

Recently, Ricky was recognized posthumously at his alma mater and we were thankfully part of the weekend of events yet I am again filled with anger and resentment for all that I missed out on in his life and now, there will never be an opportunity to recoup, to rebuild or reconnect.  All I have are fragmented memories, anger and regret … but I will always have Saturday cartoons.  No one can take them away from me – they are mine and mine alone.








HP: Tech Support Horror Story

HPIt is now 9:03 pm.

I have been either on the phone, or waiting for steps that I was told to take on my laptop since just after 5 pm.  I am spent.  I simply cannot believe that a company that I had complete trust in, has become my newest nightmare.


For the past few months, my daughter’s laptop had been dropping the wi-fi signal.  She never told me about it until one day about three weeks ago.  So we started calling HP Support.  We probably had three or four technicians walk us through various steps, troubleshooting and no one seems to know what was wrong or how to fix it.

Well, as of today, the warranty has 16 days left.  So, I came to the realization that they were, most likely, just pushing us through to the deadline.  But, I thought I would give them one more try.  I called them again today to see if they could try again.  Lord knows how many hours we have already dedicated to this but I was willing to try nonetheless.

The technician we received, once I explained the problem and what I was seeing on my screen thought he had a grasp of the problem.  Yet, after about an hour of troubleshooting, be told me we had no other choice than to do a complete system restore back to the factory settings.

He walked me through it and then said he would call back because there were a few things he had to do to the computer remotely before the problem could be fixed.  He said he would call back in an hour once the system restore was complete, because there were some settings he wanted to change or adjust.  So, I sat here waiting for the system restore to go through all of its steps and setting up the computer again as if it just came out of the box.  Then I had to set it all up, user and etc.

The technician called back but hung up before I could get to the phone.  I figured he would call back, he never did.  I was sitting right here next to the phone the entire time, and even checked for a dial tone a few times just to make sure.  He never called back.  It was about 7:40 by this time.

So, I called HP back and asked to speak to the technician I had before.  I was told that couldn’t be done.  By now we were well into hour three of this fiasco.  Technician #2 said he looked at the case notes and that if the system restore was done, there was nothing more to do, everything must be working fine.  That is when I started to lose it.  I raised my voice and told him that the previous technician said there were things he had to adjust, things he had to do to make sure the wifi didn’t drop anymore.  “Ma’am, there is nothing more that needs to be done, your computer should be working fine. ”  He continued to argue with me for another few moment and I just hung up on him while he was doing his whole, “Thank you for calling HP, have a nice day.”

I gave my daughter her computer back and in less than an hour, the signal dropped again. Now we were into hour four of this disaster and approaching hour five.  I called the 800 number AGAIN and this time refused any tech support help and said I want a brand new, fresh smelling, right off the factory floor laptop.  I didn’t want a refurbished one, I wasn’t going to have my daughter without her computer for two weeks while they tried to “fix” it.  Because we all know that by the end of this something is going to get screwed up and we’re going to be told that the warranty date has passed and we’re out of luck.

So, I was told that a brand new computer is not an option, I was told that it could be sent in for repairs and I said, “We’ll, what about the warranty?” The supervisor said he could extend it for 90 days.  I told him it wasn’t good enough.  I told him that I have always had HP products; laptops, printers and have never had any problems with customer service technicians who didn’t know how to fix a problem.  In the past four months, we not only had the laptop issue but the wireless printer refused to stay online.  I easily wasted half a ream of paper on print jobs that were partially completed or pages that only print the top half and then the thing quit on me.  When I asked for a new printer, because it was still under warranty, they were disingenuous because they agreed, but sent me a refurbished printer, not a new one.  The problem still exists and now I have to shut the printer down and restart it just about every time I want to print something.

Got an extra six months on the warranty for the laptop.  It is going to be sent in for repairs, a new wireless card or something to that effect.  The only reason I gave in was because we were going to be on vacation next week and I knew that she wouldn’t need the laptop for school.

So, I’ll get back to you all in about 10 days with an update … I just hung up with the supervisor at 9:47 pm.








A Thought From the Left: Who Gets to Define Racism?

CB-RacismWhile following a tweet thread related to the recent Twitter Deverfication scandal with Beritbart Tech Editor, Milo Yianniopoulos, I stumbled upon a Twitter account of someone who claimed to be a sociologist.  She is clearly a neo-feminist, among other things, and I actually got a headache as I reviewed her Timeline.  Once I got past the fear of sharing the same planet, let along country with this person, I simply had to call out the lunacy.

Among a litany of other insane comments which would give me blog content for the next few years, she stated that white people cannot define racism.  I almost let that go but then I kept circling back to it.  Based on what I could glean, she is probably a grad student, but I guess we’ll let her claim of being a sociologist go for now, but her comment opened up a floodgate of thoughts – the least of all being, that we as conservative have a obligation to engage with people who think like this because, in all honesty, they have gone unchecked for far too long.  Unless we’re talking about a hot-button issue that has polarized liberals and conservatives for decades, each side tends to keep to themselves – yet with social media, that has dramatically changed and we have to step up and start making an argument.

I hate to break it to my little pseudo-sociologist but racism was around long before Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci – it wasn’t something invented in the Colonies or even crystallized here – it has been around for millenniums.  I may be mistaken but I think that slavery existed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Greece and as inconvenient as it is,  in pre-colonial Africa. While the left loves to make their narrative pliable and play-doh-like to fit their version of the truth, in this case there is no wiggle room.  Racism isn’t going anywhere.

Attempting to redefine racism as uniquely a black vs. white context is disingenuous and weakens the argument in question.  Racism isn’t new, it isn’t of American invention, it has been around and will always be around because at the heart of racism is power and the need for power and control over other human beings for your own personal benefit.  It has much more to do with an individual’s personality and life experience than it does the pigmentation of someone’s skin.

Yet arguing about the definition of racism and who can define it and who can’t is a liberal rabbit hole that they all seem to enjoy climbing into together because it apparently makes them all feel better.  The left has gotten so far gone with these that we now have spin-off of things like perceived racism, systemic racism, white guilt, white privilege and so many more.  It seems entertaining new ways to define it has become a hobby of theirs.

So does this mean that only women can define Feminism, not men?  (Which was actually another claim of this “sociologist”).

But, for fun, let’s follow this train of thought …

Who among women is better able to define feminism?  Does she just need to have that XY chromosome combination?  Does she need to be of a certain color? nationality? political affiliation? Does she need to have boobs? Boobs and a vagina?  What about Caitlin Jenner?

Based on this logic are the following assertions correct as well?

Only liberals can define liberalism?

Only conservatives can define conservatism?

Only communists can define communism?

Only fascists can define fascism?

So what about things like:

Ageism?  At what age do you have to be to be able to define ageism?

Sexism?  What sex do you have to be to define sexism?  (Again, the Caitlin Jenner question)

The more I read and attempt to grasp the rationale here, I come to one haunting conclusion, they need all of these definitions, phrases and terms to avoid the root of a problem.  The labeling, name-calling and accusations are nothing more than a ruse to avoid having a legitimate debate for fear of destabilizing their victim-ridden belief that they can fix all of the world’s ills and lead us all into an Utopian state.

For a group of people who claim they despise labels so much, they sure dedicate an overwhelming amount of time inventing them, defining them, redefining them and then, of course deciding who has the right to define them in their world view and who doesn’t.

But that would indicate a bias based on a prejudice …

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Has Twitter Crossed the Liberal Line? : Deverification Destroys First Ammendment


Until a few days ago, I had no idea who Milo Yiannopoulos was.  As someone who supports gay rights and is a conservative, I should probably apologize to Milo for not know who he was … so, sorry, Bud!  But I know who you are now and you now have a new fan/follower.

Milo, a Brit by birth, is the often sharped-tonged Tech Editor for conservative news site and has taken on some  savory topics as of late – which way well have had a hand in his recent trip to Twitter Jail.

In a nutshell, taking a page from the IRS who attempted to take away access to conservative groups requesting non-profit status, Twitter has decided that the best way to silence conservatives on their site is to use mild character assassination.  Milo is still unclear, some 48 hours later, as to why he lost his powerful verification check mark on his profile. Milo has yet to be told specifically what landed him in Twitter Jail even after repeated attempts for clarification.

The check mark’s purpose is to merely confirm the identity of the account.  So, Twitter choosing to use deverification as a punishment for an unspecified terms violation is somewhat suspect because suspending someone’s account is the norm for them. The beauty in all of this is that it has backfired on them and this may well only be the beginning.

Yet, this is a questionable narrative for Twitter to take against a B-List conservative with some 140,000 followers.  While liberals staunchly sit on their platform of equality, freedom of speech, acceptance and tolerance – clearly these are tenets that only fellow liberals are allowed access to in the Twitterverse.  Conservatives need not apply.

By taking control of the playing field as it were and limiting who is allowed to wield their tenets, it shows a calculated flaw in their narrative by syncing the message to the spin of their world view they limit what the general public has access too and indirectly allows ill-informed conclusions to be made.  The liberal MSM here in the US and Europe has enjoyed control for the past few decades yet their recent blatant bias against conservatives has more than enough people taking a pause – which is very good.

Moreover, what this tells those intuitive enough to grasp the overarching story line is that liberals, here specifically Twitter, can’t make a legitimate argument against the conservative narrative so they just simply cut it off at the knees.  The classic case of taking their ball home because they don’t like the score.  It shows a weakness, an inability to argue their case, an inability to have a clear understanding of their point of view but feebly defend it because they don’t want to be proven wrong.

It is also important to note that an unverified Twitter account under the name Michael Margolis , (@Yipe) who claims to be an Engineering Manager at Twitter, was most likely the individual who reported Milo to Twitter’s Terms of Service. His Twitter tagline reads, “Engineering Manager at . RTs are official endorsements. Tweets definitely express the opinions of my employer.”  Margolis has, interestingly enough, delete all of the tweets related to this incident that supposedly happened on Friday 1/8/2016 and is believed to have been in response to a tweet that Milo sent out to a fellow (female) conservative where he writes, “You deserve to be harassed.”

The fact that the recipient of Milo’s joke was female, the feminists have blindly come out in droves in support of Twitter’s retaliatory response to free speech.  (Please tell me I am not the only one seeing the sarcastic irony here).  Which leads me to my favorite tweet of the day where Twitter user Terri Hoy schools Huffington Post’s Jessica Thompson for her pseudo-feminism.

Milo has not taken this deverification sitting down and he has rightfully taken his argument to anyone who will listen.  He has changed his Twitter account from @Yiannopoulos to @Nero and taken to the hashtag #JeSuisMilo, a spin-off of the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag which took hold in January of 2015 to show the importance of freedom of the press after a French paper was terrorized and 14 employees were killed in a terrorist attack at their Paris offices.

There is also another conversation taking place between Milo and the folks at @Recode in response to their take on Milo’s verification loss – which again can be equated to the punishment not fitting the crime because verification only confirms identity and nothing more.  It is interesting that Recode’s article refers to Milo’s employer as “a tabloid.”  But we’re not supposed to read anything into that, are we?

Milo told @Recode:

“If Twitter has decided to make partisan political editorial decisions, that’s their prerogative. But they must be honest with the public about it. Otherwise they risk damaging their key users’ reputations with ‘unverifications’ and suspensions that give the false impression of harassment, abuse or some other kind of bad behaviour, of which of course I am not guilty.”

Sadly, the left doesn’t play that way, they would never come out and admit that they were playing partisan politics because their modus operandi has always been to hide in the vagueness of reality with ambiguity as their ally while they continually ask for forgiveness instead of permission.